Resolution Loops

by Talking Dog

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released July 15, 2017

Noah Ruede - Guitar, vocals
Dan Schwartz - Drums
Sean Kane - Bass
Craig Heed - Guitar

Recorded at The Creamery Studio, Brooklyn, NY
Engineered by Chris Connors
Mixed by Charles Mueller
Mastered by Mike Tierney

Album art by Alan Campbell
Special thanks to Geoff Saba

© 2017 Talking Dog


all rights reserved



Talking Dog Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Dazed


taking a rain check
I see it bouncing
said it was easy
I kinda doubt it

you're making it fit but you really wanna
cash in your chips and take a sleepwalk on the wild side

scale the Matterhorn
the cause for which you're born
naked and forlorn
eight o'clock at Piano's

I'm important can't you see
Lit Lounge lizard VIP
with a fever 103
frequency of fleeting love of labor

got an apartment
somewhere in Bushwick
sleep on the carpet
get what you put in

is the badge of pride worth the extra baggage
the bit, reins and saddle on the martyred horse you've beaten?

silence is a sin
against your systematic kin
you’re quitting half way in
suckle, sabotage

a morning at the SAC
it's complacency in action
all the hunger that you lack
burns a hole in pockets you're beholden to

escaped the Holland Tunnel
took the BQE
there's another show at Nanas
fostering a scene
we're nourishing the masses
(but why did I)

you can play one if you wanna
we're playing home advantage
you can film me with your camera

the cadence of your alibi's cool and stuff
but is your buzzy audience big enough
the day will come I'll finally call your bluff

you're fake, but we'll all "make it big"
I've got your number
Track Name: Inner Child


if I told you I was here would you believe me
it's probably a trick it’s so deceiving
the ghost that I revile

the genesis of static in my head
consuming Breaking Bad and breaking bread

there's one thing I can tell you now
if ignorance ain't bliss you aren't trying hard enough

I'll sit here, crack my knuckles in the spotlight
until I hear the siren song they'll use to play me off

it had a dream, or is 'it' he, stuffed in a plastic bag

I wish I had a secret to relieve me,
or some other excuse

to feel the way I have for half it's life
he’s out of it and I don’t have the right
Who am I

it’s wanton in its state of disrepair
of that I am alarmingly aware
but really how much better would you fare
if I wasn't ever even there
Track Name: Deathwich


I couldn't handle it
saw it but couldn't reply
my bad, I tried
or that's what I'm telling you

something to do today
if I can get off of my lazy ass
complacent, tasked with a molehill

my god

how's it so plain to you
so night and day, black and white, red all over
I sit and stare
so frantic and ill prepared

I can remember
rueing the passage of time
I strain to see what's right here in front of me

I look determined
watch me as I run in place
with haste, to save face,
to make an appointment

say ah

how's it so plain to you
so night and day, black and white, red all over
take the remote
I'm dying to lose control

I can remember
rueing the passage of time
I strain to see
what's right here in front of me

can you recall
writing your will from the afterlife
a place to call...
Track Name: Pickpocket


conscience isn't worth the extra mile
I know it cause I've walked it
don't you get it?
guiltiness is eager to follow
put that in your pocket
Track Name: Smoking Mirrors


hey what's your face
could you swing by my place
so we can cut and paste

amalgam of our adages
a statute for the savages

we hear you you're laughing the loudest
creating a vacuum in what once was to soothe your soul

the mirror spits refracted smoke
you didn't get the cosmic joke

it's hard to face in truth
we're commonplace in youth

so let's erase the vestiges
of heaven-sent appendages that disconnect

hell of a sentence,
trying to make sense of your senses

dropped into space,
hungry for protocol

keep it up and try to find the cause

I feel a fingernail under the mattress,
and I've been
spending my time painting bruises on canvas

I've long since lost track of all my bad habits
log them in cabins in Washington

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